1. Adjuster will complete the Scope Solutions “My Scope”.
  2. Adjuster will submit “My Scope” any of 3 ways: online, e-mail, or fax. Also attach any pertinent claim information, including policy limits, loss summary or list of items.
  3. Scope Solutions will send the adjuster confirmation of receiving the claim via e-mail within two hours.
  4. Scope Solutions will assign the nearest Field Operative via e-mail with contact information and insurance carrier information to complete forms.
  5. Scope Solutions calls Insured within 12hrs and sets appointment for on-site physical inspection of loss/damage.
  6. Field Operative meets with Insured and completes all services chosen by adjuster on “My Scope”.
  7. Transfer field notes/inventory and salvage list to excel spreadsheet; obtain support documentation from Insured for values of inventory; calculate loss/damage of inspected inventory; write report.
  8. Scope Solutions Director of Field Ops reviews report and prepares invoice to insurance carrier for all services rendered.

Analytical Reporting

The Scope Solutions Field Op will create a report detailing the loss, work completed, findings from field, and recommendation to settle the claim.

Transparency in Billing

The Scope Solutions Field Op will log into when leaving the office (Log start mileage), update when arriving at the site, update when leaving the site, and a final update when returning to the office (Log ending mileage). Billing will match the timestamp that is available to the adjuster 24/7 via The Adjuster will be able to log in at and see all activity that is occurring with the particular claim submitted.