Simplicity and transparency are key. Scope Solutions offers a more knowledgeable and focused identification and valuation solution using our common sense approach. This provides adjusters with everything they need, and nothing they don't.


Contents Pricing

An itemized inventory list will be created and/or valued based on the particular loss. Inventory can be organized based on condition (salvageable, non-salvageable, cleanable, etc.)

On-Site Inventory Compilation

A Scope Solutions Field-Op will arrive on-site within 24-72 hours and compile an inventory for the claim. Inventories can also be created via phone with the policyholder.

Digital Image / Video Cataloging

Dependent on the gravity of the claim, a cataloging of the structure and/or inventory will ensure proper settlement mitigation. Video capabilities are also available.

Concierge Physical Replacement Services

As an added value to policyholders, Scope Solutions will act as a fulfillment house. Scope Solutions can complete the replacement of all commercial and personal property utilizing a strong vendor network of vendor relations.

Contents Salvage Assessment

The Scope Solutions Rep will take an assessment of the loss (on-site of off-site) and determine the best practice solution which can include clean up, restoration, and re-sell.

Contents Audit Support Documentation

Verification of all supporting documentation that encompasses the loss from the insured. Support documentation can include all "working papers" which consist of make, model number, service fees, and receipt of purchase.

Bid Verification

Scope Solutions will audit bids received, and supply bids from our trusted vendor network (contents and/or building, on-site or off-site.)

Building Repair Assessment

A Scope Solutions Field-Op will arrive on-site in 24-72 hours and verify measurements and unit cost of the structure. HVAC, electrical, plumbing, and other assessment services available.